First road trip to Reno!

This Cat Buys Houses

This Cat Buys Houses

In an ongoing effort to get connected with the local Reno REI community, I've decided to document parts of my experience getting this business off the ground and share what I learn along the way. Starting with sharing some bits about our first trip to Reno in an attempt to become a little more personally familiar with the neighborhoods and surrounding area.

The travel from San Francisco in our Hertz compact car rental was unexpectedly treacherous for an early May weekend. San Francisco was warm and sunny for a change. However, on our way into the mountains we first hit a downpour of rain which then quickly turned into snow. Once we were over the mountains the snowed turned to rain again until finally we arrive in Reno with scattered cloudy skies. 

We first took a little tour around Midtown and this is what we saw:

For brunch, we met some local friends at Big Ed's Alley Inn. This place is awesome! Great ambiance, delicious food and reasonable prices. I'm definitely coming back here when I want to have a good, hearty breakfast. The chef had no problem with extra instructions: for the 4 egg omelette, one whole egg and three whites only. Delicious!

2017-05-07 10.28.20.jpg
2017-05-07 11.13.13.jpg

After brunch it was time to check out, East University, West University and Northwest Reno. Here's what we saw:

On my way out of Reno, I had planned to grab coffee with Michael Helton (here on BiggerPockets) from Northern Nevada Redevelopment, however, we decided to postpone until the next trip. My cat co-pilot and I decided to head back to SF a bit early. Until next time!